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H2X is an Automotive and Power Unit Company founded on absolute sustainability.

The Company is focused on the growing Hydrogen fuel cell transport markets which are emerging in the key regions of China, North America, Europe, North Asia and Scandinavia.

As net-zero becomes the universal standard, hydrogen is forecasted to become a global market worth US$201 billion by 2025.

Groundbreaking business set to redefine automotive standards and decarbonise an industry worth over US$2.7 trillion.

Australian-first, patented technology, using innovative applications scalable across global markets.


H2X is a sustainably focused vehicle manufacturer focused on decarbonising the transport sector and developing a new, internationally scalable production industry within Australia.

Studies show the transport industry makes up for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. For this reason, our mission is to offer a genuine solution and help the world transition to 100% emissions-free power.

H2X Global

A Sustainably-focused Vehicle Creator


The Fuel of the Future

Hydrogen is a gas in high demand with multiple applications using renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biogas. The natural gas is a clean alternative to methane, accounting for 75% of all mass in the universe, meaning it can be found in all living things — water, animals, plants, and humans.

For these reasons, it is known as the galaxy’s most abundant resource.

The development of hydrogen capabilities has made it the preferred choice for nations and businesses committing to net-zero energy.

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  • Zero carbon emissions mean they will be vital to decarbonising the global transport and automotive industries.
  • They only emit water vapour, which is clean enough to drink.
  • The end to end production process is carbon zero when the hydrogen is produced from splitting water using an electrolysis method. If the power for this process is generated through solar or wind, you have a 100% carbon-free vehicle.
  • Hydrogen vehicles have a more extended driving range than electric, diesel and even some petrol vehicles.
  • Unlike other sources of renewable energy, hydrogen vehicles do not produce noise pollution.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are viewed as the car of the future because they emit zero emissions, just water vapour. In doing so, they can still match the capabilities of foss fuel engines in key areas like driving range or energy efficiency.

For these reasons, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles are widely considered as the best solution for decarbonising the transport and automotive industries. In addition, technological advances mean they are now seen as an alternative for both personal and commercial use.

Hydrogen is the most plentiful resource on the planet. Every country can produce this natural gas as it accounts for 75% of all mass in the universe, making it the true fuel of the future.

Hydrogen vehicles can drive greater distances than other renewable alternatives and, in some cases, can go further than fossil fuel cars. For example, H2X’s Warrego Ute, has a 500km driving range and a slick refuelling time of 3-5 minutes.

Breakthroughs in technology mean hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are highly efficient, using 40-60% of the fuel’s energy. In comparison, petrol engines are less than 20% efficient in converting gasoline into power.

Hydrogen vehicles have a much longer driving range and quicker refuelling time than electric cars. Like H2X’s Warrego Ute, hydrogen vehicles have a 500km driving range and a fast refuelling time of 3-5 minutes. In contrast, electric vehicles have a range of 270km on a single charge and take 30 minutes to 12 hours to charge.

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